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Additional Info

Operation of an international chain of non-food discounters, offering prices, frequently changing range of products, daily pricing.

The brand comes from the Netherlands, but thanks to its dynamic development, today it operates in eight European countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic. It has been present on the Polish market since October 2017.

The range of Activities includes a total of 6000 products from as many as 14 categories:

  • clock,
  • DIY ("do it yourself"),
  • toys and entertainment,
  • hobby
  • multimedia,
  • household items,
  • garden,
  • washing and cleaning,
  • body care,
  • pets,
  • sport
  • clothing and bedding,
  • fruit and drinks.

About 2/3 of the assortment rotates quickly, and each week the company stores over 150 new articles. Moreover, every week the Action prepares promotions for selected products for customers.

Action offers many different brands, popular programs as well as students. A company can develop its low prices due to market prices and purchase prices, optimal distribution and economic analysis, optimal across all sales. Action is not compatible with quality classes, quality conditions and the efficiency of the offered products. Ethical Water Sourcing Policy The action ensures that a production plan is established, both socially and environmentally.

Please visit the Action store in Zielony Targówek and visit the sample page , where you can check our entire range.